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Do you know the advantages of the man-made stone sink


Now decorate a lot of people use the marble is artificial, because before a few years to be natural marble radiation is too big, so the harm to human health, and natural stone material resources are limited, it is suffering large quantities of high quality stone material, artificial stone without, and man-made stone is green, no radioactive substances, also don't back to produce harm to human body, and man-made stone is general very tenacious, not easy craze, it is easy to maintain, color is uniform, looks very inferior natural stone material, basic is no color difference, can also customize, plasticity, has the natural texture, sense and feeling and natural stone material, practical and flexible, so the artificial stone is the lavabo of good material.

Artificial stone sink is to use methyl methyl acrylic organic polymer materials, unsaturated polyester resin and so on as the matrix, particles and natural ores and other materials as fillers, adding auxiliary agent and pigment, and then went on a long vacuum casting or molding of polymer composites. This artificial stone sink is very easy to do, not easy breeding ground for bacteria.

Artificial stone sink plasticity is good, can follow one's inclinations were processed into the way you like, you do compound yakeli or pure acrylic artificial stone will look more beautiful, and environmental protection, all sorts of modelling to let your love better.

Man-made stone material production process is actually a chemical reaction process, as the science and technology progress of human society and the continuous improvement of practical materials. Man-made stone is divided into many types, also have artificial quartz, shigang stone and so on, and pottery and porcelain, stainless steel and so on the traditional building materials, artificial stone is versatile, color is rich, and more fashion, the application scope is more extensive.