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Why hotels tend to use solid surface bathtubs?


Why hotels tend to use solid surface bathtubs?

For business travel or vacation, you may feel there has some requirements for the accommodation, a hotel with become the first choice, whether it is flowers milk bath or steaming water, can help you to eliminate a trace of fatigue.

       It is very common to see bathtub in different material in the market,there are ceramic bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, pure copper bathtubs, marble bathtubs and so on, solid surface bathtubs as an new emerging material, why it become more and more popular for hotel runners?


First, Let's analyze the composition of the solid surface bathtub.

       Solid surface bathtubs, originating in Italy, are known as known as casting tanks or hand made of their manufacturing process. Solid surface bathtub which is a kind of new favored bathtub of the bathroom industry with environmentally friendly materials: unsaturated resin, glass beads and aluminu moxide powder and other materials to mix togher,make casting, stitching and carefully sanding.

Since solid surface bathtubs are made of environmentally friendly materials,What about the characteristics of solid surface bathtubs?Compare with traditional bathtubs,the appearance of solid surface bathtub is very simple, elegant and generous, could be changeable, multicolored, smooth surface finish, good performance in keeping warm, high strength and toughness, anti-pressure, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, easy to clean, repairable and so on.

There are two main reasons why hotels tend to use solid surface bathtubs:

       1. Solid surface bathtub with smooth lines and simple design, metching very well with the modern style of the hotel decoration. Solid surface bathtub is one piece molding through casting processing, the thickness is generally about 25mm, Foshan Pensen building materials co.,ltd could make the solid surface bathtub on 12mm of edge thickness. Compare with other materials of the bathtub, make people have a feeling of more fashionable, high-end atmospheric on the grade.

       2. Solid surface bathtub as its renewable and repaired features, help hotel runner save the cost of changing bathtubs. After long time use, the bathtub should become yellowing, broken or other reasons that need to be replaced, changing bathtubs should be a great event for a hotel, not only to re-purchase bathtub, but also to be closed as the decoration should cost a lot of time. Solid surface bathtubs are naturally superior to other material bathtubs due to their renewable and repaired properties, no need to change bathtubs. Foshan Pensen building materials co.,ltd could provide renovation and repaired services of solid surface bathtubs, to make the solid surface bathtub of long time use become new one in a relatively short time .